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Pedestal Sump Pumps

Pedestal sump pumps are a type of sump pump that are used in areas where the sump pit is shallow or small. They are called pedestal sump pumps because their operating motor sits above the water in the sump pit, like on a pedestal. 

The motor of the pedestal sump pump is attached to a mpole which is fixed to the pedestal base. The pedestal base is the part that stays at the bottom of the pit while the motor is on top. There is a pipe attached to the pedestal which pulls out the water from the pit as it goes into the pedestal. The pedestal sump pump contains a float which is attached to an activation switch. The float is suspended in a low position, but the position changes when water in the pump reaches a certain threshold. When the float rises higher, the position of the activation switch also changes, thereby turning the pedestal sump pump on in the process. 

Pedestal sump pumps are an affordable type of sump pump. They are easy to install and maintain since their motor does not come in contact with water. Pedestal sump pumps also tend to last longer than their submersible counterparts due to the fact that their motor has minimal contact with water, so it does not require as much maintenance as the submersible ones. Pedestal sump pumps are less susceptible to wear and tear because their motor doesn't run constantly, since you have easy access to turn it on and off according to your need.

Although pedestal pumps might last longer because their motors are kept away from water, they take longer to pump water out of your home. This is one of the major downsides of pedestal sump pumps, especially in situations where the accumulated water is too much. A perfect example is during stormy weather, a pedestal pump does not have the machine power needed to clear your basement of water. 

Pedestal sump pumps take up more space because they are placed above ground, which also makes them a safety concern because someone could trip over them and fall. There are different types of pedestal sump pumps classified  according to the material used in making them. For example, some pedestal sump pumps are made from plastic materials, some are made from stainless steel and there are also those made with cast iron materials. These different materials have their individual advantages. 

The plastic body pedestal sump pumps are lightweight and resistant to corrosion even as the pump drains water from the sump pit. The pedestal sump pumps made with cast iron materials are efficient at dispersing heat when the pump is draining water. There are also some made with stainless steel and cast bronze materials. These ones are also resistant to  and provide protection against wear and tear. 

The pedestal sump pumps are infinitely cheaper and last longer than the submersible pumps but they are not as equipped to transport solid particles. In cases where the well is too narrow or shallow to contain a pump, the pedestal sump pump is used. They are generally louder than submersible pumps because their motor runs above ground. 

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