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Sprinkler Pumps

A sprinkler pump is a type of irrigation pump that has a sprinkler head for dispersing its contents. Sprinkler pumps are especially used by homeowners to keep their lawns looking green and fresh all year round. The sprinkler system waters the area by pumping water from an assigned nearby water source.

Sprinkler pumps transport water through sprinkler heads. To choose the right sprinkler pump for your sprinkler system, you need to consider factors such as ; the size and number of sprinkler heads you intend to use, the distance between the water source and the location of the pump, the distance between the pump and the sprinkler heads, the amount of energy needed to power the pump, the priming method of the pump and the best location for your pump.

The gallons per minute of your sprinkler heads should correspond with that of the pump. For example, if you have ten sprinkler heads of 2 gallons per minute each, then you should choose a pump that pumps at 20 gallons per minute speed or close enough to that. If your pump speed is much more than that of the sprinkler heads, it could lead to an overworking of the sprinkler heads. 

Placing the sprinkler pump as close to the water source as possible, ensures that the suction lift of the pump stays within limit in order not to damage the pump system. Sprinkler pumps also work best when they are placed close to the sprinkler heads the further the distance between the pump and the sprinkler heads, the larger the discharge pipe needs to be. For example, if the distance between the pump and the furthest sprinkler head is less than 100 inches, you can use a discharge pipe of 1-1 ½ diameter. On the other hand, if the distance is between 100-300 inches, then the discharge pipe diameter has to be 2 inches. The trick is to increase the diameter by 1 inch for every 300 inch increase in distance between pump and sprinkler heads. 

Knowing the correct amount of power supply required by the sprinkler pump system is also important in ensuring that you get the most out of your pump. Most sprinkler pumps operate at either 115 or 230 volts of electricity. In the absence of electricity, you can opt for a pump that is powered by gas to run your sprinkler system. 

Although most sprinkler pumps do not need to be primed before they can function, some of them need their priming port and pump housing to be filled with water before their impellers can commence suction. Sprinkler pumps cannot work if there is air trapped inside them. All air needs to be totally removed in order for the impellers to start functioning properly.

For your sprinkler pump to serve you effectively, you need to position it close to the water source, because sprinkler pumps are incapable of sucking water from higher than 25 feet above the surface of the water. Sprinkler pumps should be kept dry and away from environmental elements that could lead to wear and tear.

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