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Salt Water Pool Pump

Salt water pool pumps are pumps that are used to circulate water in a salt water pool. Apart from circulating water in the pool, the salt water pool pump, which is also referred to as the chlorine generator, helps to convert the salt in the pool to  chlorine. The salt which is present in the salt water pool is converted to chlorine in  order to keep the water clean and free from bacteria and germs. 

The salt water pool pump or the chlorine generator asit is also called, is made up of two parts; the control board and the cell. The blades or impellers of this type of pump are coated with iridium or ruthenium and when the water passes through the cell, the control board charges up the blades which provide the electricity needed to convert the salt in the water to chlorine. You can control the level of chlorine you want in your water from the control board.

The impellers of the salt water pool pumps are coated with those naturally occurring metals in order to prevent corrosion of the blades by the salt water.  

The salt water pool pump is highly advantageous in your saltwater pool as it saves you the stress of manually refilling your pool with chlorine regularly. Contrary to popular belief, a saltwater pool does need to be cleaned with chlorine. The amount of chlorine that is pumped into your pool is also highly dependent on you as you can control it by just touching a button. 

The saltwater pump helps to maintain the chemical levels in your pool as well as keeping the circulation system of the pool running and healthy. There are three different types of saltwater pool pumps based on their speed and efficiency. The single speed pump, the dual speed pump and the variable speed pump. 

The single speed pump runs at only one speed, depending on the horsepower of the pump’s motor. Although the single speed pump costs little to acquire and install, they are more expensive to operate, compared to their counterparts. An average single speed pump lasts longer than a variable speed pump, most likely due to its simple design.

Dual speed pumps are a bit similar to the single speed pumps, except that they can run at two different speeds, low speed and high speed. The low speed is most suitable for chlorine production and general circulation of water efficiently. The high speed option is ideal for cleaning the pool and running a hot tub feature. Dual speed pumps are more efficient than their single speed counterparts but not as efficient as the variable speed pumps.

The variable speed pumps are highly energy saving as compared to the single speed pumps and you have full control over the speed of the motor, due to the many speed options available with this type of saltwater pool pump.

Saltwater pool pumps are necessary for every saltwater pool owner as they help to maintain the hygiene of the pool, ensure that you do not need to add chlorine to your water manually, and they also allow you control the level of chlorine that you want in your pool.

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