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Pool Cover Pumps

Pool cover pumps are pumps that are used to prevent water and debris from accumulating on your pool cover and ruining it, or getting into your pool in the process. Pool cover pumps are especially important during harsh weather conditions like winter. This type of pump is placed on the pool cover and functions by allowing the water level on the cover to rise to a certain point, then it drains it away from the cover.

Pool cover pumps can be either manual or automatic. The manual pump functions only when plugged in and needs to be unplugged when they are not needed. Automatic  pool cover pumps are self functional and turn themselves on and off, thus pumping off water from the pool cover almost every time. Apart from removing excess water from your pool cover, pool cover pumps can also be used to maintain the water level of the pool.

Automatic pool cover pumps need to be connected to electricity at all times. This type of pool cover pumps turn on by themselves once they detect water on the pool cover and they also turn themselves off when they clear all the water from the pool cover. Automatic pool cover pumps are capable of pumping up to 2,500 gallons of water per hour and they can be totally submerged in water to remove debris alongside the water. These types of pumps are suitable for large sized pools, especially when the owners cannot be on ground to monitor the pump all the time. 

Manual pool cover pumps cost less than the automatic pool cover pumps, but you need to turn them on and off manually as often as you require the pumping to be done. Manual pool cover pumps can only drain up to 200 gallons of water per hour and are best suited for smaller sized pools. 

Pool cover pumps are a wise investment for any pool owner to make because, even though pool covers protect your pool from dirt, germs and weather conditions, you also need to protect your pool cover to prevent its wear and tear and ensure its durability. The larger the pool you have, the higher the capacity of the pump you need. Pool cover pumps with higher capacities usually pump out water at higher speed.

Another advantage of pool cover pumps is that they help you prevent accidental drowning of kids or pets in accumulated water on your pool cover during the rainy season. Pool cover pumps help maintain the cleanliness of your pool because the water which accumulates on your pool cover could flow into the pool if it gets too much.

When choosing a pool cover pump for your pool, you need to take into consideration the size of your pool, your availability, power source, capacity and speed of the pump. Since manual pool cover pumps require someone to actually turn them on and off, you should only opt for that if you would be available to monitor and turn on the pump when your pool cover needs to be drained. Automatic pool covers, though more expensive, are especially suited for families going on vacation and do not want their pool clogged by the time they get back. 

Pool cover pumps are an important equipment for both home owners, spa owners and hotel owners to have.

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