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Above Ground Pool Pump

Above ground pool pumps are pumps that are designed specifically to circulate water in above ground pools. They help to keep the pool water clean and free from debris and other contaminants as well. Above ground pools are usually self-primed because they are installed close to or below the water surface, so they are always in contact with water and do not need you to pour in water again.

Above ground pool pumps like other pool pumps, are mostly centrifugal pumps and have an inlet to take in water and an outlet to discharge the water for circulation. The major parts of this pool pump include the impellers, the shaft, the operating motor, the volute and the pump filter. The above ground pool pump is powered by electricity and once the electric power surges through the motor, the motor shaft starts spinning, thereby converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy in the process. 

The impeller is the only moveable part of the above ground pool pump and it is responsible for propelling water at a very high velocity rate. There are three types of impellers that an above ground pool pump could contain. They are: the open-face impellers, the semi open-face impellers and the closed face impellers. Open face impellers enable the pump to pump out debris and sewage, the semi open-face impellers are slow and inefficient. The closed face impellers are the most energy efficient impellers in the pump and are mostly found in modern above ground pool pumps. They have a higher flow rate than the open face or semi open face impellers. 

Other parts of the above ground pool pump include the pump basket, the pump strainer and the pump seal. The pump strainer is responsible for keeping air out of the pump, because the pump has to be totally drained of air before it can be primed. When the pump is turned on, water enters the strainer and causes the impeller to spin. The spinning of the impeller raises the water and removes air in the process, thereby creating a suction lift which enables the pump to circulate water round the pool. 

The pump seal is the part of the above ground pool pump that prevents water from leaking out  of the motor shaft of the pump. It is made from ceramic and graphite and does not need to be lubricated or left dry, because it is lubricated by the water. 

Above ground pool pumps can be classified into three different types based on their speed. There is the single speed pump, dual speed pump and variable speed pump. The single speed pump consists of only one impeller which rotates at a particular speed all the time. The speed at which the impeller of a single speed pump runs is largely dependent on the horsepower of the motor. The dual speed pumps can either run on low speed or high speed depending on how you set it. Although when you set this pump on low speed, it does not clean your pool thoroughly. 

The variable speed pump is perhaps the best type of above ground pool pump. Although it consumes less energy, it is more efficient in taking care of your pool than the other types of above ground pool. The different speeds of this pump are suitable for different situations in the pool. 

Of the three types of above ground pool pumps, the single speed pump consumes the most energy. The dual speed pump consumes less energy when kept functioning at low speed.

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