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Pool Pumps

The days of summer have finally arrived, and it's time to enjoy pool parties and the like. While taking a dip in the pool is always a blast, maintaining it should be at the forefront of your concerns. A properly working pool assures that the pool is always ready for the party to continue. As explained in further detail later in this article, a pool pump's job is to filter and clean the dirty water out of the pool.

That said, three significant factors determine the life span of a pool pump: pool size, amount of usage, and how well a pool is maintained. Each of these factors affects the overall pool experience, all depending on the pool pump's current state. Here is more information on the pool pump.

What is a Pool Pump

One of the pool's core pieces of equipment is the pool pump. The central part of its interworkings, the pool pump, can best be defined as a motorized electronic device used to circulate and filter swimming pool water. In other words, the basic components of a pool pump consist of a motor, impeller, and hair/lint trap. A standard pool pump runs between 110 - 220 volts and is electronically operated. Additionally, chemical demand and energy factors aid in determining when a pool pump should be run and for how long. As such, it is recommended to run a pool pump during the daytime during the summer between 5-10 hours each day, depending upon the temperature. Run the pump 12 hours daily during hotter months.

Common Issues with pool pumps

Just as there are numerous signs that the pool pump should be replaced (discussed later), there are general issues that can occur from time to time throughout the overall duration of the pool pump's operation. The three most significant problems with this particular part of the pool include leaking water. This can happen when o-rings and impeller shaft seals give out drastically reducing efficiency results of the pump and high energy outputs. Additionally, another issue worth mentioning is that the pump itself won't start. This happens as a result of dead capacitors as well as dust build-up and can only be professionally repaired. One final issue that is quite common, as it pertains to the pool pump, is found in the efficiency to produce airflow as a result of cracks and/or lose components. This means that the overall airtightness is compromised due to any one of these issues.


Minor repairs, over time, will be an eventual necessity when it comes to the general use and operation of a pool pump. At the same time, there are a few determining factors that will be signs that replacements are required; the most common parts that will need to be replaced will be components such as the stator coils and impeller. That said, over time, component replacements can get costly, at which point the pump as a whole will need to be replaced. Ultimately, some signs that tell when a pump needs to be replaced include the rumbling sounds of wear and tear. Additionally, replacement time is a must when the pump takes longer than 10 hours to clean the water. Corrosion on the impeller and hardened wires are also signs.


A clean pool is the most important thing, primarily when used frequently, if not daily. To keep your pool clean, your pump must be properly working. Manually cleaning a pool can be a lengthy and challenging process, so to save time and other required resources and easily install a pool pump. The overall installation process is relatively easy and involves multiple steps to its completion. First, after shutting the power to the pool pump off, begin by exposing the wires from its cover away from the pump. From there, the process requires making precise cuts vertically along the pipes. Furthermore, the process involves threading MTAs to the new pump. One of the final steps is filling water into the new pump and returning the power source to the pump after connecting the plumbing connections.

In conclusion, having access to a pool is a summer pastime that is a perfect gathering place for fun with family and friends. While the hotter weather splashes onto the scene, it is essential to remember the proper maintaining of the pool pump for optimized gun and pool performance. Replacements will be required from time to time will be necessary, but new pumps will be needed over time. Additionally, issues that may arise include wear and tear as well as corrosion and cracking.

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