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Pumps for Paints and Dyes

The pumps used for paints and dyes are mainly piston, positive displacement and diaphragm pumps.

Piston pumps are made from materials that are best suited for transporting high viscosity and high pressure liquids. This attribute is what makes them suitable for the paints and dyes industry. Piston pumps have high volume and their movement is controlled by a piston with an air motor through which the fluids move in and out.

The double-diaphragm air-operated pump is a type of pump used in the paints and dyes industry due to its ability to handle a variety of fluids including the harsh and abrasive ones.

Although the double-diaphragm pump is strong enough for harsh chemicals, it is also gentle and does not damage fragile materials that are pumped with it. This type of pump is used to pump clumps that might form during the production process of paints or dyes.

Due to improved technology and more safety conscious processes in paint production, paint pumps have different new adaptations such as secondary containment chambers that prevent the materials from leaking through the pumps and causing harm to the environment and workers in the industry. The insides of pumps used in the paint and dye industry are designed with thick heavy-duty materials to make them suitable for transporting abrasive and thick materials like slurries and resins.

Pumps are used in the paints and dye industry to move raw materials from one stage of production to the next. They are also used for mixing all fluid materials, both thin and viscous  like resins, oils, surfactants and other pigments as well. Pumps for paints and dye industry are used to remove clumps from the mixture and regulate the consistency of the paint. 

These pumps are also used to fill in the paints, adjust the viscosity, color and general appearance of the finished products before it is fit for sale. The pumps in the paints and dye industry are also used to filter out by-products during the manufacturing process.

The waste products can be filtered out and recycled by the pumps used in the paints and dye industry. Pumps in the paints and dye industry can be used to pump varnish and laminate materials as well as raw materials for production.

Apart from pumping out abrasive materials, removing waste products etc, pumps for paints and dyes can be used in the application of paints as well. Throughout the paint production process, pumps cannot be overlooked because they are involved in every process. From the premixing stage, where the pump transfers the raw materials to the paint tank for a rough mixing before moving it to the next stage which is a smoother mixing stage.

The pumps are also responsible for transporting the mixed paint materials to the dilution tank where other solvents and dilution materials are added before moving the paint for further processing.

As technology improves and upgrades, the makeup and features of the pumps have been adjusted to suit new safety regulations and standards. Features like extra thick walls to ensure that the abrasive and harsh materials do not come in contact with the environment or employees during production of paints or dyes.

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