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Municipal Pumps

Municipal pumps are pumps that are used to pump out waste and sewage water. They are mostly used in wastewater removal and water treatment plants. Municipal pumps are also used to pump water from a clean water source to the taps in our homes. Dirty water can also be filtered and pumped back out through the municipal pump.

Type of municipal pumps 

The types of municipal pumps are centrifugal, vertical turbine, vertical circulating pump, diaphragm, process pumps, submersible water pumps, pulp pumps and water sump pumps. 

Centrifugal pumps are used for municipal functions to move clean water from its source to taps and homes. The most common centrifugal pump types used as municipal pumps are the single flow radial stage centrifugal pump. This type of municipal pumps are also used to clear flood water in coastal areas and in water treatment plants. The centrifugal pumps are the most popular type of municipal pump and this makes them expensive to buy. The downside of municipal pumps with a centrifugal pump system is that they cannot be used to transport liquid that contain solid particles. The centrifugal force propels the impellers of the pump which in turn pump out water through the pipes to the storage tanks. Slight filtration occurs in the centrifugal pumps as well, which make them one of the most versatile types of municipal pumps to work with.

In cases where the water source is underground, the vertical turbine municipal pump is used to carry the water to the surface from the underground reservoir. They have multiple impellers mounted on the same shaft, which produces more pressure, thereby causing the propellers to pump water at a faster rate to the surface. Although vertical turbine pumps are submersible, their motors remain above water, thus making them different from the usual submersible well pumps. 

The submersible water pumps are another type of municipal pump that are used to pump out water from underground water sources. They are perpetually submerged under water and do not need to be primed before they can be used. Submersible water pumps are used in areas where the water source is way below normal ground level and as they do not really require a suction pipe, they just push the water up from below the water surface. They are suitable for use in water treatment plants as they can allow for passage of small particles and slurry through them. The major disadvantage of this type of municipal pump is that the cost of maintenance is high because the motor parts are always inside water which makes them more susceptible to wear and tear easily. 

The water sump pumps are municipal pumps that are used in pumping out sewage or wastewater and moving it to the treatment site. This municipal pump is usually placed underwater as well and functions by pushing the water up instead of using a suction pipe. 

Municipal pumps are used in every water treatment and water distribution process. They are used to move out water from sewage tanks down to the treatment plants. They are also used to move the water from the treatment plants, after the water has been filtered, through the pipes and into the city taps.

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