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Farming Pumps

Farming pumps are pumps that are used in farming to transfer water or other liquid necessary from the source to the farmland. Apart from the most widely known use of farming pumps, which is for irrigation purposes, they can also be used for other types of farming practices like livestock farming, fish farming, and so on.

There are different types of farming pumps used for irrigation on the farmland. Some of these types are the centrifugal farming pumps, the submersible farming pumps, the propeller pumps, and the deep-well turbine farming pumps. These pumps are chosen based on different features which achieve different aims in the farming system.

The type of water source, the flow rate of the pump, the force of suction, and the pressure of the pump are factors that determine which farming pump is best suited for a particular purpose on the farm. For example, the vertical turbine pump is adapted for easy use in wells and deep surfaces hence, it can be used for fish farming to pump water into the fish pond from the water source. The major disadvantage of the vertical turbine pump is that it is difficult to install and repair and it also costs a lot to acquire.

Centrifugal pumps are also a type of farming pump, but unlike the vertical turbine, they are an above-ground pump. This type of farming pump is cost-effective, easy to install and repair. The centrifugal farm pump requires priming to start but there are some types of centrifugal farming pumps that can be submerged and do not require priming to start. One of the major disadvantages of this farming pump is that it has limited suction lift and it has to be really close to the surface of the water source to enable it to lift water properly. Another major setback of the centrifugal farming pump is that if the prime is lost it might damage the pump.

Some farming pumps are also submersible, that is, they can be used to pump water in very deep wells. Submersible farming pumps are easy to install and do not require priming to start. The submersible farming pump is also most suitable for fish farming or in areas where the water source is a deep well. If the water source meant to be used for irrigation has a fluctuating surface, then the submersible farming pump is the easiest to use. This pump is the most susceptible to the lightning of all the farming pumps.

Farming pumps are also used to distribute fertilizers and other semi-liquid treatments to the farmland. The most suitable type of pump for this purpose is the propeller farming pump because it can pump gritty substances like sand and other semi-solids.

In fish farming, farming pumps are also required to pump water to the pond and sometimes to transport feed to the fish. 

Farming pumps make farming easier, faster, and their importance in farming cannot be overemphasized. From irrigation to spreading fertilizer to feeding and watering of livestock, it is safe to say that farming pumps are an integral part of farming, and both small and large scale farms can benefit from using farming pumps.

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