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Automotive Pumps

Automotive pumps are found in automobiles and vehicles. These pumps are responsible for the circulation of liquid within the automobile. There are various types of automotive pumps that serve distinct functions in an automobile. We have the fuel pump, vacuum pump, water pump fuel injection pump, headlight washer pump and steering pump.

The fuel pump as the name implies is a type of automotive pump that transfers fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. These low pressure mechanical pumps are usually found on the outside of the fuel tank in carbureted engines. Some older versions of engines do not require a fuel pump because the fuel flows to them directly from the fuel tank.

Due to modernisation and a rapid increase in technological advancements, fuel pumps are no longer mechanical but electrical. The electric fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank and transfers the fuel at a higher pressure than the mechanical pump. Vehicles with the electric fuel pumps consume less fuel than their counterparts using mechanical pumps.

Fuel injection pump is an automotive pump that bypasses the carburetor by injecting the fuel directly to the engine. This automotive pump is found inside the fuel tank and is not a mechanical pump like the regular fuel pump found in old vehicles.

Vacuum pumps, though not generally known as automotive pumps, serve various functions in automobiles. For example, electrically operated vacuum pumps can provide vacuum to aid braking and improve fuel consumption. Vacuum pumps help hydraulic brakes function effectively and are useful in basic automobile functions like popping the trunk and locking the doors.

Automotive pumps also include water pumps for different vehicles. Water pumps are responsible for transferring water within the vehicle. They serve as coolants to the vehicular engine. There are different types of water pumps such as the mechanical water pumps, variable water pumps, electric water pumps and so on. Mechanical water pumps function by absorbing heat from the engines and letting it out through the radiator. The variable water pumps as the name implies, only function when the system needs to be cooled down.

Headlight washer pumps are another type of automotive pump. They supply the necessary amount of water needed to clean the lens of the headlights, through a nozzle.

Automotive pumps have gone through various technological advancements, from mechanical pumps to pumps that do not require much manipulations to function. An example of this type of automotive pump, is the steering pump which circulates fluid to the hydraulic piston in the steering gear. This assisted movement of the hydraulic piston reduces, to a huge extent, the energy required to turn the  steering of an automobile.

Automotive pumps are an integral part of an automobile and the more advanced the pumps in a car, the easier it is to handle that car. A faulty automotive pump can lead to different problems in a vehicle. Problems like loud whiny noise from the fuel tank, difficulty in starting or not starting at all, decrease in fuel efficiency and reduced acceleration of the car are common signs of a defective automotive pump. 

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